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  In 2006, the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners provided a "Disciplinary Summary" on their website. The board's summary included the "Summary" column. This column is of extreme relevance as it explains detailed facts of exactly what occurred to cause the board to issue the disciplinary board order. In 2008, this website, Texas Veterinary Records, was created by consumer advocate / animal advocate Greg Munson (see Stempy's website) because the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners did not provide online access to the board orders disciplining Texas veterinarians.The format of the 2006 TBVME Disciplinary Summary heavily influenced the design of and columns included on this website - Texas Veterinary Records.

(view the board's website from 2006 courtesy of the web archive / wayback machine)
(view the 2006 Disciplinary Summary that includes the summary column courtesy of the web archive / wayback machine)(more below pictures)
2006 Disciplinary Summary
2006 Disciplinary Summary

In 2008, the board began their long descent into providing less information when they removed the summary column from their online Disciplinary Summary.
(view the 2008 Disciplinary Summary courtesy of the web archive / wayback machine) (more below picture)

2008 Disciplinary Summary

In 2014, the board's Disciplinary Summary completely disappeared from the board's website.
(picture courtesy web archive / wayback machine of the board's website in 2014 showing no Disciplinary Summary) (more below picture)

2014 snapshot of board website

In the last several years, the board started providing online access to some board orders through their License Look-Up tool. However, this tool is still missing many, many orders. The orders that are included are kept in haphazard fashion and cannot be relied on for complete information. By default, that creates the continuing need for this website to exist. ALL KNOWN BOARD ORDERS ARE POSTED ON THIS WEBSITE. The public has the continuing need for this information so that they may find a veterinarian without a disciplinary history to increase the odds of their beloved animal being treated safely and humanely. It is a travesty that the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners completely FAILS in their stated mission of protecting the public. The Texas board is instead very proficient at protecting BAD vets, putting ALL of our pets at risk.

It is simply SHAMEFUL that the board continues to fail to deliver a usable AND reliable license lookup tool with complete disciplinary histories for all Texas veterinarians. The TBVME has wasted several hundred thousand dollars and still fails to come close to providing something as useful to the public as this website. Maybe that is their goal - to hide this information from the public? This website was built by an amateur website builder with a burning desire to provide complete information to the public. I have not been compensated by anyone to build this website. Hey vet board - call me?!? smiley - GM (January 2023)

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